Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer must have : Sunscreen and Moisturizer

I always found it uneasy to apply sunscreen after make-up or other day creams, they felt greasy and made my face shine. They did not provide any hydration to my skin and most of the over the counter brands available are heavy and do not melt with the skin.

Orchid Aesthetics launched as a medical spa and laser center 4 years ago but in 2012 the need of a good SUNSCREEN and in the quest to find a solution for sun damaged skin and hyper-pigmentation, Dr. Kerns launched its own skin care line incorporating botanical nutriceuticals, peptides and powerful anti-oxidants.


Why use a day cream and moisturizer and sunscreen when a good product can give it all?


  • Daily Wear Moisturizer SPF 20 is fortified with antioxidants and skin calming botanicals that not only moisturize but also rejuvenate the skin. Hydrates and nourishes the skin while providing broad spectrum protection to prevent sunburn and cellular damage. First choice for daily application under or without make-up, when an all natural product is sought, offers protection in bright sunlight for face and neck. 
  • SPF 45 Medium Tint is a sophisticated sun protector specifically formulated as an all-in-one sunscreen, foundation and under-eye-concealer.A broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, leaves skin with a natural and radiant complexion. First choice for those that like a "tanned look" without damaging synthetic sprays or tanning beds.
  • RADIANT-C cream increases the skin's resistance to oxidative stress induced by UVA radiation. Contains two forms of Vitamin C, decreases 8-OHdG induced by UVA, decreases p53 expression induced by UV-B, protects the cells against UV-B better than other esters of Vitamin C. Provides collagen synthesis and  DNA protection. Firms, Brightens, Protects against Free radicals and oxidative stress. This potent anti-aging treatment nourishes, protects and hydrates the skin. First choice when sun protection is secondary to collagen synthesis , firming or brightening of the skin, needs additional SPF for direct bright sunlight, optimal for daily wear.
Each of this products provide all in one Hydration, Sun protection and Collagen synthesis.

All you have to worry is where to wear them we can teach you how!

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